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Qingdao Lixiang Yutai Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Lixiang Yutai Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2005, our factory is located at Qingdao west coast economic development zone-tieshan industry area where is the international trade business booming of Qingdao. We are a collection of design, development,making and sales for the integration of manufacturing enterprise.



  • Specializing in the production1

    Specializing in the production of various wheelbarrow wheels

    Wheel barrow is a common means of transportation, its wheel is a relatively important part.General wheel barrow wheels have polyurethane foam wheels, inflatable rubber wheels , solid rubber wheel,etc. Main sizes are 6X2’’, 8X2.50-4, 10X3.00-4, 300-8,10X3.50-4,350-6, 350-7,350-8, 400-8, 400-10,etc...

  • R1 pattern hot sale4

    Agricultural machinery tyre R1 pattern hot sale

    R1 herringbone tyre is one of many agricultural machinery tires, its pattern is herringbone,this type of tyre is suitable for farm tractor , cultivator, mini tiller and combin harvesters ,etc. It has good traction and gripping power, and is used for general field operati...

  • Rubber-priced tires may usher in a surge in prices

    The reporter online seach related information that the recent 3 months, the international maaaarket rubber prices all the way helicopter. In november 2009, the orice of natural rubber was 28000yuan /ton; by december . it had exceeded 30000yuan /ton, it rose to 34000yuan a ton in January, up by a ...

  • Pirelli’s Mario Isola: 2022 cars and tires ‘will give us another exciting race in Brazil’

    Pirelli chose to use mid-size compound tires – C2, C3 and C4 – for the Brazilian Grand Prix. Motorsport director Mario Isola expects a lot of overtaking at the historic Autodromo José Carlos Pace circuit, which has allowed different tire strategies in the past. “Formula 1 will h...

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    Spring in the tire industry?

    The repeated epidemic is undoubtedly a catalyst for the rapid reshuffle of the tire industry, which will accelerate the elimination of some inherently unhealthy and abnormal tire enterprises. In the tire industry shuffling process, which tire dealers will be eliminated first? In view of the probl...